Ever wondered if it's still possible for you to grow taller after 18?

This Olympic Athlete will show you the exact system he used to grow over 6 inches taller...

after puberty!

So if you’re an 18 - 25-year-old male and still haven’t given up on growing taller, then you might still have a shot to increase your own height using the same system…

  • Learn about the ONE IMPORTANT STEP that he calls the “Key” to growth (that you probably never heard of...)

  • Find out one common thing that many guys do (and that you might already be doing as well...) that’s causing your growth plates to close at a faster rate.

  • Learn the science behind why height growth after puberty is still possible.

  • You’ll also come across the single method that had the greatest impact on his post-puberty height growth.

  • And for the first time ever, his complete system for height growth (originally only available in Russian), has now been officially translated into English!

  • “He” says he’s confident that as long as you put in the effort (and do the right things), you can grow taller too!

Without further ado, let’s dive into this unique system and why it works.

And most importantly...

How it could work for you too!


This is important to point out BEFORE you go any furter...

This is not a "get tall quick" shortcut you can find online.

If you think you can grow two inches in the next week, then I'm sorry to say this but his system is not for you...

Because it'll take you several months to gain those those desired inches in height.

Also, if you're over 25 years old, then chances are it’s too late for you to grow taller naturally.

I’m not here to mislead you and tell you that you can grow at any age, like some other fake and ‘unproven’ gurus claim.

BUT hear me out…

Because there might still be a chance for you to gain about an inch using one of the methods inside this system.

“He” says that it's possible to get around 0.5 - 1 inch even in your 30s by using this same scientifically proven method for yourself (and yes, there’s actually research behind it).

However, if you're over 25 and you don't want to spend your time only to grow an extra inch, then again, this system is not for you.

Now, I'm sure you have a lot of questions right now...

  • Who is this mysterious Olympic athlete?

  • How did did he get himself to grow more than 6 inches after puberty?

  • And most importantly, how can I use the same system to grow taller myself?

Don’t worry, you’ll learn all about it today.

But before we get to that, I’d like to make sure that you and I are on the same page.

Let me ask you...

Who would you rather be?

Let’s face it.

You’re short.

And since you're short, you already know exactly how shitty it feels to belong in the “short guys” category...


So you start thinking to yourself…

"Life would have been so much better if I had just been born tall."

"I wouldn't always be so anxious about my height."

"I’d naturally attract women."

"I’d be more respected by other people."

"I’d be better at sports."

"I'd feel confident in my own body."


My life could have been so much better, you think to yourself.

You hate to admit it, but...

Let’s face it.

You’re short.

And always being seen as “the short guy” is not something you’re happy about.

And how could you be?!

How could any short guy be happy about being small?

Every time you go out, you're always looking from left to right – finding people to compare your height with.

And you also know that everyone else is comparing and judging you based on your height.

Especially women...

And when you see someone younger than you...

But at the same time, he's:





And it turns out that you become the one who looks younger...

You try straightening out your back.

Hoping to appear a tiny bit taller.

Of course, you realize it doesn't help much...

But you still always feel the need to do it anyway.

Then you start feeling like you’re:

"Not Good Enough"

Like you’re:

"Less of a Man"

You can especially feel this when you’re around guys who are larger and taller than you.

You feel like a boy standing next to a man.

Crazy, right?

And it hits you right in the gut.

Knowing everyone else sees it the same way you do...

It sucks when people just don’t take you as seriously.

It’s hard to stay confident in front of a crowd when you know how much height matters in today’s society.

How much everyone cares about it…

How much you’re being judged because you’re short…

And don’t get me started on when you’re the shortest one in the group.

Or when you’re around a girl who’s taller than you.

It just makes you feel...

Less Masculine

Not to mention going to a party with your tall friend, and all of a sudden, all the girls just end up only talking to him...

Making it seem as though you don’t exist at all.

So you’re just left there all alone....

Feeling like shit.

Feeling worthless.

“I wish I was just a bit taller.”

“I hate being treated like this just because I’m short.”

You pretend not to care...

Like it doesn’t affect you...

You don’t want others to think that you’re so insecure about your height.

But deep down inside...

It's all you ever think about.

Just thinking about it makes you feel:







Worst of all?

You feel Less Masculine.

Like you’re more of a “boy,” than a man.

All because you’re shorter than other guys...

It’s too bad that height matters.

You just want to be seen as equal...

You just want to have the same opportunities...

But when you’re short, you’ll always just be seen as:

"The Short Guy"

And you’ll never be treated the same way as those taller guys.

It's scary thinking that you might be short for the rest of your life...


This is the one single thought that you refuse to admit...

Because if you admit it, you'll feel like the rest of your life won't be as great as it could have been...

It's a crushing feeling...

You know just how shitty the rest of your life will be if you remain as you are now.

Just how much of a disadvantage you’ll be in…

How many opportunities you’ll miss…

The fact that you won’t be able to live your best life.

All because of your height.

All because you're short.

And it hurts!

So some guys would rather just not think about it...

They bury their heads in the sand and convince themselves that height is not as important as they think...

Wishing all this was not true.

But you’re different!

That’s why you’re here.

That’s why you’re reading this right now.

And why you'll keep reading until the end.

So that you don't miss anything important that could be your key to growing taller!

Because you know just how much height matters.

And you’re not hiding from the fact that you're short.

Instead, you're choosing not to give up until you’ve done everything in your power to grow taller!

You’re not going to ignore your one last chance to increase your height.

“I won’t accept it. I’ll do anything to be taller!”

And that’s the kind of attitude you need to have if you’re serious about growing a few more inches in height.

Because it is only those who believed they could, and were willing to put in the effort to make it happen, that would end up seeing REAL results.

If they never tried...

If they never believed they could do it...

Would they still have grown taller?

Or would they have just remained short for the rest of their lives?

Are you going to leave it up to chance?

The guys who just accepted their height and gave up on any shot of getting taller will never receive any of the benefits that you’ll get when you grow taller!

You'll often hear guys like this (guys who gave up), say things like:

Growing taller after puberty is all a scam!

It's impossible to increase your height on your own. Don't even try.

Just accept your height, you can't change it.

Being short is actually not that bad...

Since they stayed short, they convinced themselves (and try to convince everyone else) that it’s impossible to make yourself grow taller in the first place...

EVEN if they could have grown a few more inches!

(If only they'd just belived and done everything in their power to make it happen...)

But it is possible!

Still possible to grow taller after puberty...

It's been done countless times by guys just like you.

The short guys who gave up, completely ignore the hundreds of examples of people growing taller after puberty.

(and you'll get to see all of these examples later on)

Let's be honest here...

If you’re not actually trying to grow taller...

If you’ve already gave in and accepted that you’ll be short for the rest of your life...

Then you don’t need to keep reading any further.

Because this isn't for you...

This is only for those who'd do whatever it takes to get taller!

You didn’t choose the body you were born into.

But that doesn't mean you just have to give up on yourself!

That doesn’t mean you have to accept staying short for the rest of your life!

You didn’t choose the body you were born into...

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t do everything in your power to change that!

To make yourself grow taller!

In a perfect world, height wouldn't matter

We'd all be able to get along just fine...

No matter if you were short or tall.

Tall men and short men would be treated the same.

And hot women would be attracted to short guys.

Too Bad...

Too bad that’s not the world we live in.

We must accept reality as it is, not as we wish it was.

You probably heard people say things like:

Height doesn’t matter.

Short guys are just overthinking it, height isn't that important.

Why do you care so much about your height?

Or some more annoying ones like:

Just accept how short you are, you can't do anything about it.

Own your height. Stop being so insecure about it.

I don’t know about you...

But I absolutely hate it when I hear this crap!

And the funny thing is...

The only people you’ll hear say this garbage are:




These are the same exact people who you don’t want to listen to.

It’s either someone that doesn’t know what they’re talking about...

(since they've never experienced what it's like being a short guy)


It's someone who you don’t want to be like...

(short men who just gave up)

The things they say are complete nonsense.

They're not based in reality...

I’ll explain exactly why people who say these brainless things are completely wrong.

And that there's actually a scientific reason for why everyone cares so much about height

Height does matter.

Height is important.

Height 100% makes a difference in how other people treat you.

(the only person who doesn't care about your height is probably your mom...)

But I'm not just saying this.

I'm telling you...

There's actual science behind why height is so important to us humans.

Ever wonder why people are naturally more attracted to, and respectful towards taller men?


There's a real biological reason behind it!

It's not just some random feeling we all seem to share...

There's a real biological reason for why people care so much about your height!

(and why you're naturally insecure about it...)

It's hardwired into every human brain.

And it didn't just happen suddenly.

It's not like everyone just decided to be more attracted to taller men...

Or to have more respect towards them.

It didn't just randomly happen overnight...

But throughout thousands of years of human evolution.

This is why we all have a feeling that height is important, but can't really explain why...

And like with all evolution, there's a reason behind this feeling that all people feel (that height is important)

You see...

It all comes down to this simple subconscious thought process:

Tall Man


  • SAFE


Outcome = "I can survive if I listen to him"

Short Man




Outcome = "My chances of survival aren't as good if I go with him..."

Now let me explain:

Over thousands of years of human history, we lived in a dangerous environment in which three things were necessary for survival:

  • Food

  • Shelter

  • Reproduction

During these times, we lived as cavemen and nomads without much intelligence.

We had to rely completely on our physical abilities.

And guess who had the greater physical ability?


The Larger, Stronger, Taller men.

Not too shocking, is it?

(are you slowly realizing why height matters after all?)

Since the taller men had greater physical ability, it meant that they were more reliable.

The bigger and taller males were stronger and more capable of protecting and leading the tribe.

Not only were they more reliable, but they easily overpowered anyone who tried to stand against them.

It's the same way as when two lions fight for dominance.

The winner becomes the Alpha in the group, while the other must submit.

And guess who's always the Alpha for the human tribes?

Of course...

It was the Stronger, Larger, Taller, and more intimidating men.

But not everyone chose to fight.

Lions don't always fight for dominance with each other.

When a weaker lion comes across a larger lion, its natural instinct is to submit to the bigger lion.

And just like smaller lions, so too did smaller men choose the same path...

Short men always knew that they were less able than the bigger men, so to survive, they chose to submit and listen to the taller men.

All of the females within the tribe witnessed all of this.

And every female would rather be with the most capable man who could protect them, provide for them, and ensure their survival...

It’s an instinct for a better life.

That’s why they chose the tall guys.

While the ones that could not mate with the bigger men had to settle with the “leftover.”

That's why height mattered.

It wasn’t because they were “tall” but because they were more capable.

In a world where physical ability means everything, it’s a matter of life or death.

As these patterns repeated themselves through all these human tribes for many years, our brains slowly began forming this biased thinking:

Tall = Good (Always go for this)

Short = Bad (Pick only as your last option)

This is the reason why...

  • We all feel deep inside that height matters.

  • Every short guy is naturally insecure about their height.

  • Women will always choose to be with a taller man over a shorter guy.

And this is why tall men are naturally respected so much more than short men

Even though our world has completely changed since those times, our brains have largely remained the same.

We still have our monkey brains.

Deep down in our minds, we all still unconsciously perceive tall people as better and more capable.

And the truth is...

It's no longer that the tall man is objectively the better choice.

Just look as someone like Jeff Bezos, who built Amazon.com and became one of the richest men on earth.

Or Tom Cruise, another short guy who became one of the most famous and successful actors in Hollywood.

Or Napoleon Bonaparte, who once ruled over France and almost conquered all of Europe despite being so short.

So, tall men no longer have an absolute advantage nowadays!

It's the age of intelligence!

Guys can use their brain to rise to the top of society instead of raw strength and physical ability.

But that doesn't matter!

It doesn't matter because we all still have the same monkey brain that regards all tall males as naturally better than short males.

Deep down inside, we all feel that height is still the most important aspect of a man.

It's an unconscious emotion.

It's like an instinct left over from our days living in tribes...

Just because you no longer have to be tall to succeed, doesn't change the fact that they still have a HUGE unfair advantage.

You can still become successful as a short guy, but you'll have MUCH more opportunities if you're tall